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Praise be to Allah and may Allah raise the rank of Prophet Muhammad and protect his nation.


Mr. Mohamad El Dana

Head  Principal

It is a privilege to welcome you to Al Amanah College that is committed to achieving the highest standards in the education and development of young Australian Muslims in the 21st century. Al Amanah is an independent Islamic school aiming to provide a stimulating, enriching and caring learning environment. The College vision, mission, policies and procedures are underpinned by our Islamic values, compassion, justice, excellence and service.Education is one of our most valuable contributions to our sincere community. Our specialist teaching staff and purpose – built environment allows our students from K-12 to achieve success through learning focusing on communication, literacy, numeracy and social skills.


At Al Amanah College we aim to provide students with the foundations for the future including values, education and skills that will enable them to be confident and excellent Australian citizens. We nurture our students to make the most of their individual potential and to get the best from their education.


I trust you enjoy the opportunity of browsing through our website which highlights the richness and variety of everyday life at the College.


Ayman Alwan JP

B.Sc., Dip. Ed., M. Ed Admin (Hons)


At Al Amanah College, we believe that a successful education is all about inspiration: inspired teaching to drive academic achievement, and responsible adult role modelling to encourage emotional intelligence. Al Amanah College is a non-selective co-educational, Islamic faith based college, catering for all grades from Kindergarten to Grade 12, offering NSW NESA approved curriculum respected for its relevance to today’s multicultural and increasingly global society. Our school is a contemporary and dynamic organisation, educating students from different backgrounds.


Our programmes feature an inquiry approach that aligns student interest with what they learn, thereby enriching their natural curiosity and promoting a love of learning. Those with a good knowledge understand intuitively that our approach is effective in promoting the development of 21stcentury skills, which lead to success in life and in the workplace. Our team of professional, experienced, skilled and motivated teachers model the attributes of the Learner Profile and encourage their proliferation within our student body. A strong sense of common purpose pervades our learning community.

“Choosing the right school to bring out the best in your child is one of the most important decisions you will ever make.”

I thank you for your expression of interest in Al Amanah College and look forward to welcoming you and your family.

Thank you for visiting our webpage.


Bassam Adra


Our school values of integrity, wisdom, positivity, compassion, work ethics and commitment are daily observed and practised by our students from diverse backgrounds to foster a very positive school culture and atmosphere.At Al Amanah College, we have been serving the community for several years and we always strive for excellence in academic achievement and ethical life of our enthusiastic students to reach their full potential. Our aim also is to build and enhance partnerships between school, home and community. Through these shared values and beliefs, students will encounter intensive and lasting education.


Our systematic and balanced curriculum is provided by our highly experienced and conscientious teaching staff to address the needs of all students, develop their skills and nurture their efficiency and learning performance to become resilient and productive members in the community.


“I warmly welcome you to Al Amanah College-Bankstown Campus Website. Our school is well known for its caring, enjoyable, safe and intellectually challenging environment. Our mission is to turn our good schools into great ones. We hope you find our website helpful and beneficial to become acquainted of all we provide in our school.”


Finally, I invite you all to check our website to get all information needed about our college and please do not hesitate to contact our school if you have any enquiries, or you wish to become more actively involved. I wish you all the best!

Al Amanah History

Al Amanah College is a non-selective co-educational, Islamic faith based college, operating from two campuses, Bankstown: K-6 and Liverpool: K-12. The College is committed to pursuing academic excellence and the fostering of individual abilities in a caring and challenging educational environment.

The college was first established at Bankstown, where classes commenced with 88 students K-Yr3 in 1998 and from there the school grew rapidly. The Bankstown campus has now reached its maximum capacity with approximately 288 (K-6) students.

In 2002 the College grew further through the opening of the Liverpool Campus with 168 students, where secondary classes commenced with Yr7 then expanded to year 12 in 2007. The Liverpool Campus is located in the heart of Liverpool City catering for K-12 with approximately 600 primary and secondary students.

Our Islamic Rich History

The school is multicultural, with almost 100% of students from language backgrounds other than English, predominately Arabic. As Arabic and Religious Studies form an integral part of our school curriculum, extra teaching staff for Arabic and Religion are employed for this purpose.

Parents and the local community are encouraged to support the school through participation in school programs and ongoing provision of additional school resources.

Al Amanah College is considered to be a major institution catering for the cultural needs of the Muslim community and a school that offers a diverse bilingual teaching curriculum. For this reason the college has become an attraction to parents who see in it a bright and distinguished future for their children.

Our Vision

Pursuing Academic Excellence

Al Amanah College is committed to pursuing academic excellence and nurturing the individual abilities in a caring, educational and Islamic environment.

Our Mission

Promoting Values And Ethics

Al Amanah College upholds Islamic principles, values and ethos enabling our students to be always open-minded and remain steadfast in their pursuit of these values.

Our Moto

Success Through Knowledge

Al Amanah College holds a powerful and continuing message which reminds every student to gain SUCCESS THROUGH KNOWLEDGE.

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