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Technological And Applied Science


In a constantly changing society influenced by the influx of new and emerging technologies people’s lives are constantly bombarded by complex challenges. Technology and an understanding of design processes enable people to manage, interpret, shape and alter their environment to improve their quality of life at home, school, in work places and in the broader community. The rapid rate of technological change in an increasingly knowledge-based society highlights the need for flexible technological capability, innovative thinking and effective communication skills.

Students will be prepared for lifelong learning and career opportunities in the study of design and related fields. Students’ critical skills — analysis, reflection, judgment and appreciation of resources, the society and the world — can be applied in a range of contexts.

At Al Amanah College, we incorporate Technology with other teaching subjects that make learning more meaningful. ICT is regarded as tool that would enable teachers and students to continue with the teaching and learning process in the today’s information society and retrieve valuable information using various procedures and sources. We deliver courses in TAS that is suitable to our needs and adheres to Islamic principles.

Courses Offered In Tas

TAS faculty comprises of Technology and Creative Arts departments. In total there are ten courses offered by TAS faculty. The faculty is accredited to offer more courses. Courses are offered as per demand and staffing availability.

Creative Arts

Creative Arts

V Arts is offered from years 7 to 12. V Arts is mandatory in stage 4 therefore all students are required to do the stage 4 course. It is one of the more popular subjects in our school and our students have achieved outstanding results in national examinations and competitions.

Music is also offered to all students from Year 7 to 8 as it is also mandatory for stage 4. Student choose Music as an elective in Years 9 and 10. A very popular choice of our students as a subject as well as being part of the school choir group that has successfully performed at school and community events.



Technology mandatory is offered to all years 7 to 8 students as required by BOS. Student learn about design and construction processes as well as ICT skills. The following courses are offered in Technology to develop a wide range of skills in our students; Product design, textiles, food tec, Promotional design (using ICT), Architecture, landscape, story book.



Elective courses are offered at Year 9 and 10 to allow students to develop a range of skills as well as determine their subject choices for Stage 6. These courses also prepares students for their choice of career in the future. TAS offers the following elective courses: Music, Drama, V Arts, Timber technology, Graphics Technology, Food Technology, Information and software Technology.

HSC Courses

Creative Arts

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Parent Partnership

Parents are encouraged to keep in close contact with the school through digital networking such as MOODLE and CLASSDOJO as teachers will regularly communicate important information regarding major projects, resources, excursions and competitions. Parents are also encouraged to monitor and help their children in project management, resourcing and supervision. Purchasing and providing needful resources identified in curriculum hand booksfor Major works will greatly enhance student learning and final outcome.

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