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Student Welfare

Praise be to Allah and may Allah raise the rank of Prophet Muhammad and protect his nation.


Self-esteem is perhaps the single most important factor in helping a child advance his/her potential. Self-esteem activities are carried out by individual classroom teachers, staff and community at appropriate levels. Therefore at Al Amanah all staff members are informed of their legal responsibilities for the care, safety and welfare of the students.

In addition, At Al Amanah we are committed to the welfare of our students through the provision of policies in the areas of:

  • Mandatory reporting procedures
  • Accidents and incident register
  • Anti-bullying and harassment
  • Managing complaints or grievances
  • Emergency management plan
  • Drug use policy
  • Anaphylaxis management plans
  • Critical incident plan
  • Internet use policy and procedures.


The aim of the welfare programme is to develop the skills of students in a safe, happy and caring environment to help meet the challenges of the future.At Al Amanah College we believe our school is:

  • A safe and happy environment.
  • Drug free.
  • Well maintained.

Welfare And Pastoral Care

Al Amanah College provides pastoral care to its students and ensures their welfare through the appointment of a Welfare Coordinator who in addition to his role in pastoral care, has the responsibility of developing working relationships with external agencies such as Students Services – DEECD, Special Development Centers, Department of Human Service including access to counselling in order to provide the following:

  • Identification of and provision of support for students with special needs
  • Monitoring students’ health needs and the distribution and monitoring of medication
  • Response to serious incidents and emergencies
  • Provide referrals to external agencies that can assist students and families
  • Organise Student Support Group Meetings
  • Adequate homework

At Al Amanah will extend and enrich the potential and achievements of our students through:

  • Creating an environment that is conducive to learning.
  • Providing a wide range of technological resources.
  • Fostering individuality.
  • Fostering and promoting self-esteem.
  • Developing social skills including co-operation.
  • Fostering a respect for themselves and others.
  • Celebrating student achievements and success.
  • Providing a wide subject choice both academic and vocational.
  • Providing a wide range of extra-curricular activities.
  • Providing consistent discipline and the opportunity to develop self-discipline.
  • Providing an adaptable, innovative and professional staff.
  • Promoting and strengthening the school’s local link.

A Strategy To Promote Good Discipline And Effective Learning

Students who choose inappropriate behaviors are not satisfying their needs in responsible ways. At Al Amanah College as educators our role is to help students make better behavior choices and to help them understand they can’t always get what they want but they can make better choices to get what they need.



Establish effective learning environment. Develop positive teacher interaction. Establish and teach rules and procedures. Should problems occur:



Focus on own behaviour. Focus on student’s behaviour.



Focus on own behaviour. Focus on student’s behaviour.



Ask…. What are you doing?”



Against the rules? Consider options Ask…. What should you be doing?”



Verbal or Written and seek parent involvement, if necessary.

Further Welfare Important Points

Rights And Responsibilities

Parents enrolling their children at Al Amanah College enter into a partnership between themselves, their children and the school staff. This partnership is based on shared responsibilities, expectations and mutual respect. Rights and responsibilities of each partner are listed below.


  • To be treated fairly and with respect.
  • To feel welcome.
  • To be informed.
  • To know that their children work, play and learn in a friendly safe and helpful school environment.


  • Responsibilities
  • To understand and support Al Amanah College Behavioural Management System.
  • To ensure children are aware of their own responsibilities.
  • To ensure children wear the school uniform, as agreed by the whole school community.
  • To enter into a positive partnership with teachers so that together there is support for each child to achieve optimum progress.
  • To maintain open communications with all partners – children and school staff.
  • To assume responsibility for getting children to and from school.
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