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Senior Science


The Stage 6 courses offered for Year 11 and 12 students are 2 Unit Biology, 2 Unit Chemistry and 2 Unit Physics.

Our aim is to help our students strive towards excellence in these subjects by providing a challenging and supportive learning environment.

At Al Amanah, students explore core concepts in Biology, Physics and Biology in relevant and meaningful contexts e.g. the history of these subjects, their nature and practice, applications and uses, implications for society and the environment and current issues, research and developments in these subjects. Students also again insight into the Islamic perspective on many scientific issues and concepts.

In addition , Students develop essential Scientific skills that will be much needed for tertiary education in Science such as; planning and conducting investigations, communicating information and understanding, developing scientific thinking and problem-solving techniques and working individually and in teams.

Hence, studying stage 6 Science courses will not help our students build positive attitudes towards Science but of themselves, others and of learning as a lifelong process. It will lay the foundations for a successful future career in Science.

Stage 6 Excursions

  • Bicentennial Park Field Study Centre
  • UNSW Museum of Human Disease
  • Warragamba Dam – Sydney Catchment Authority

Competitions & Events

  • STANSW Young Scientist Competition
  • ICAS Science Competition
  • RACI Chemistry Quiz
  • National Science Day in August
  • CSIRO Scientists in Schools initiative
  • UWS Professional Speakers from various scientific fields

Parent Partnership

Parents can make a great different in their Child’s Science education by encouraging their child to;

  • Make summaries of the content using syllabus points as headings when they have completed a unit (or for every section of the unit)
  • Make concept maps during and at the end of every unit to connect concepts together. Students may also use other graphic organisers such as timelines, mind maps and flow charts to organise information.
  • Practise past HSC question for every section of the unit or at the end of every unit. Check answers against BOS criteria and exemplary answers, then improve upon their own written response.
  • Consolidate understanding by using strategies such as ‘look, cover, write, check’.
  • Formulating questions and seeking answers from their notes and textbook
  • Think about how new information extended their thinking, how it is relevant to their lives and/ or society and what further information they will like to find out about.
  • Logging on to Moodle regularly and accessing additional notes and past trial exams
  • Teach others what they had learnt

For Skills: Practice;

  • Tabulating data, graphing data, analysing and interpreting data
  • Constructing tables to compare and contrast information
  • Outlining how to conduct a controlled experiment to test a hypothesis
  • Participate in Science events and competitions at the school
  • Attend university open days which promote Science courses
  • Attend holiday/ Science revision courses offered at universities.
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