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Mathematics at Al Amanah College is a positive experience, in which our students develop confidence and a sense of achievement from what they learn.

Mathematics influences everyday personal, study and work situations. Learning mathematics involves building upon previous mathematical skills and understandings, making connections between mathematical ideas and generalising to form new ideas. Mathematical learning experiences provide an opportunity for students to develop their skills and understandings and apply these to other strands as well as to everyday life situations.

At Al Amanah College, students are provided with opportunities to learn about Mathematics through various activities including skills development, solving real-life problems, open-ended questions and participating in maths games.

Numeracy Curriculum

In teaching the Numeracy curriculum, we aim to allow students to:

  • Develop a positive attitude towards mathematics
  • Enable children to see the relevance of maths in everyday life
  • Use concrete materials to help them learn how to solve problems
  • Provide skills in interpreting and solving real-life problems
  • Develop confidence and independence in all aspects of mathematics

The curriculum is broken down into the following areas:

  • Number & Algebra
  • Measurement & Geometry
  • Statistics & Probability

Mathematics is linked to other areas of the curriculum and to the students’ everyday lives. At Al Amanah College we make Maths practical, where students have an opportunity to learn using a range of learning styles.

Maths lessons follow the structure: whole class, small group and whole class. Explicit instruction is still used, alongside much more active engagement of children working on their own investigations. Students are also assigned activities through an online Mathematics resource called Mathletics. Mathletics is designed to provide students with an engaging and safe learning experience. Targeted and adaptive content with structured support, plus gaming and rewards – all aligned to the achievement standards of the Australian primary maths curriculum.

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