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Junior Science

Course Rationale

Our aim is to help our students become inspired, engaged, independent and inquisitive learners. Through a range of learning experiences, our students will build their knowledge in the main disciplined of Science, as well their skills in working scientifically. They will be well prepared to make informed evidence based informed decisions, find solutions to scientific issues and problems and explore some of these issues from an Islamic perspective. Hence, Studying Science at Almanah will help them become scientifically literate citizens and thoroughly prepare them for tertiary education in Science.

The 4 main disciplines of Science (Chemistry, Biology, Earth and Environmental Science and Physics) and the skills of Working Scientifically is integrated in the years 7 – 10 units. The units are developed around specifically chosen context which make the learning relevant, meaningful and engaging for the students. There is also a strong emphasis on practical tasks.

Years 7-10 Excursions

  • Featherdale Wildlife Park or Taronga Zoo or Sydney Aquarium and Wildlife Park
  • Australian Museum – Fossils
  • Australian Museum – Sydney Science Festival
  • ANSTO- Australian Nuclear Science and Technology organisation
  • Incursions by CSIRO
  • University Visits which incorporate Science Activities

Parent Partnership

Parents can make a great different in their Child’s Science education by simply encouraging their child to;

  • Question, research and / or develop scientific tests to explore phenomena in their daily lives
  • Subscribe to Science Magazines such as CSRIO
  • Access and discuss articles from reputable Websites outlining new developments in Science
  • Assess and evaluate the quality of their own work
  • Join the school’s Science club and participate in Science events and competitions at the school
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