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HSIE 7 – 10

Faculty Vision And Rationale

The Human Society and its Environment faculty at Al Amanah College offers a number of courses in the Years 7 to 12 year groups. Every course in the faculty aims to deliver the programs and learning opportunities with our student’s strengths and cultural capital in mind in order to strengthen our students potential to achieve the targeted outcomes. The delivery of HSIE course material also incorporates modern technology, and every HSIE classroom is fitted with interactive white board, speakers and wireless internet access. Lesson in the HSIE faculty incorporate a mix of ICT and inquiry based learning strategies.

The Human Society and its Environment Faculty at Al Amanah College offers a broad range of subjects inclusive of the following; mandatory History and Geography in the Years 7 to 10 level, Commerce as an elective in Year 9 and 10 level. At the stage 6 level the faculty offers Business Studies, Economics, Geography and Modern History to students enrolled in the HSC course. Each course delivery emphasises the development of our student’s knowledge and skills as stimulated by the BOSTES by embedding a range of learning activities with the paramount goal to strengthen student’s literacy and numeracy skills and their ability to apply the vast array of learnt matter to the Australian and the broader global society we live in today.

Course Description

Mandatory History And Geography Stage 4

In Year 7, all students undertake a mandatory course in Ancient World History. The major themes are an introduction to History and ancient societies such as the Ancient Australia, Roman civilisations and the Ancient history of China in Year 8 students explore the middle ages with a key focus on the investigation of the Ottoman Empire, the Shogun Japan and the Colonisation of Australia and the North Americas. In Year 7 and 8, all students undertake a mandatory course in World Geography. The major themes are an introduction to Geography and the study of a variety of global environments, communities and globalisation using tools like maps, photos and tables.

Mandatory History And Geography Stage 4

Geography in Year 9 engages students in exploring Australia’s unique natural and human environments and its resources. Students develop a knowledge and appreciation of Australia’s resourcefulness, multiculturalism and its resilience when exposed to challenges such as natural disasters. In Year 10 Geography learning environmental issues such as land and water management are taught through the application of Geography skills. Students also explore a range of economic, social and political interrelationships Australia has forged over years with nations in the South East Asia region.

Students in Years 9 and 10 are also able to select two Elective subjects from the range offered to them. The HSIE faculty is currently offering Commerce as an Elective subject in Year 9 and 10 level Commerce in Stage 5 studies. In Year 9 Commerce key emphasis is placed on students developing a deep understanding of their rights and responsibilities as a consumer and applying the same in various scenarios. Students also adopt a case study approach to undertake learning in the Personal fiancé and Running a Business topics. In the Year 10 Commerce course students put on the economist’s hat to in the Our Economy topic to carry out the analysis of the current fiscal and monetary policies. Students also investigate catalysts for economic growth and development. In promotion and selling unit students learn through product development and marketing campaign method followed by exploring the potential of e-commerce in the business world.a

Excursions – Stage 4 And Stage 5

  • Year 7 History – Investigating History Archaeological dig at the Rocks, Sydney
  • Year 8 Geography – Ecological sustainability and Conservation; Featherdale Park
  • Year 8 Geography – Guest lecturers – Western Sydney University on Climate change and conservation
  • Year 9 Commerce Westfield’s Shopping Centre – Promoting and Selling and Running a business and Incursion; Consumer laws
  • Year 9 History – Australia’s Convict past at Sydney living Museum & Police and Justice Museum at Circular Quay
  • Year 10 Geography Cronulla beach- Coastal Processes and Management
  • Year 10 History – Guest lecturers – Western Sydney University on Human Rights and Australian government policies on displaced individuals from around the world.
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