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Faculty Vision And Rationale

The English Curriculum at Al Amanah College covers a wide range of topics that tap into the interests of teenagers of today’s world. Students explore and connect with a range of texts to stimulate their interests using a range of modes.

With the increasing use of digital technologies, students are now using iPads to write narratives, write the scripts for gaming or even to assess their own and each other’s learning. We encourage active writing in all classes and the use of digital technology makes active writing fun and interesting. The application of their writing skills is interactive and interesting when transferred to games, movies or slideshows where they showcase their talents.


Within the English Faculty, courses running at Al Amanah College include:

  • Year 7-10 English
  • English Standard
  • English Advanced.
  • English Extension 1
  • English Extension 2

Students are given the opportunity to choose in the senior years which level of English they wish to undertake. Although a benchmark of results has been set that students are to ensure they achieve for each subject.

Excursions are organised based on readings and texts studied in classes. They may range from plays to interactive workshops, including digital workshops that work cross-curricular with Technology.

Parent Partnership

The English faculty strongly encourages the engagements of texts from students to be formed from their own opinions rather that the opinions of others. We encourage the use of strong authoritative voice. Parents may contribute to improving the written skills of students by reading their work and asking questions about how they formed such opinions. Encouraging students to disconnect from the internet to write essays is of high importance. Students are to learn to engage with their text rather than read what others have written about their texts.

Reading books is of vital importance for students. It is through reading that students will broaden their knowledge and understanding of different styles of writing and use of language techniques. It is also a way to build student confidence in their own writing.

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