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Computing Studies

Using ICT

In order to be informed and active participants in our changing society, students, now and in the future, will need to be self-directed learners, able to identify issues, pose questions, synthesis ideas and develop solutions to problems.

In each year, from Kindergarten to Year 12, students should participate in activities that assist in the development of their ability to:

  • Use ICT to locate, access, evaluate, manipulate, create, store and retrieve information
  • Develop the confidence to explore, adapt and shape technological understandings now and in the future.
  • ICT has been integrated across the KLAs through the usage of Interactive Whiteboards
  • (IWBs) and a Computer Room. IWBs have been installed in classrooms to enhance students’ learning and promote high student engagement.
  • Express ideas and communicate with others, using ICT
  • Develop an awareness of the range of applications of ICT in society
  • Discriminate in the choice and use of ICT for a given purpose
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